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Dec 21 2012

Mommy’s Follow up Appointment

We are glad mommy is home!

I had my follow up appointment last week.  I had a few questions for the doctor because everything happened so fast that I could not remember everything and was still in quite a bit of pain.  I did find out that I had an acute infection as well as gallstones.  My gallbladder HAD to come out.  Thus is why they could not delay the removal.  The pain was getting worse as we progressed closer to surgery and I remember morphine was not helping prior to surgery.  So it was a good thing I went in when I did!

I also found out that my pain level is still higher than he would hope.  Although he said it is due to the fact I have not been getting as much rest as I should be getting to recover.  I did rest tons until I went back to work.  He said much of it is that I am a mom to quadruplets and he understands a little of what that means.  He has twins so he can understand a little of what our lives look like.  He said between that and work I have extended my recovery another 2 weeks.  So unfortunately  instead of a 2 week recovery I am looking at 4 weeks.  He estimated I would be feeling better by the New Year.

I am doing well for the most part.  I am just still in quite a bit of pain, especially by the end of the day.  He said that I did need to take some time to rest over my Christmas break from school.  So that is the plan to rest as much as I can in the evenings and then during break take it easy as much as possible with four monkeys running around.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayer throughout this whole ordeal.  I am in the home stretch and should be feeling great in just a few more weeks.


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