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Dec 07 2012

Home Sweet Home

I am sure many of you are wondering how things are going.  Well I came home yesterday afternoon and have been trying to rest and continue to recover.  I am still in a good amount of pain and more tired than I thought.  The pain pills help as long as I stay on top of them.  I am suppose to take them every four hours and if I am late on a dose I definitely start to pay for it.  It is so nice to be home with my family, but I have realized four kids do not make recovery easy.

They are all about checking out my boo boos.  Every time they see them they all say “awe, I bet those hurt mommy.”

I just can not get over how warn out I am.  It took everything out of me just to take a shower today.  We have some wonderful friends, church family and family who have and are helping with groceries, meals and even housework!  This is helping me rest and keeping my mind on recovering and not worrying about things I need to get done around the house.

Here are just a few pictures from when I came home yesterday.

We are glad mommy is home!


Sis bumped my belly…


“I am sorry mommy, are you okay?”


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