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Dec 31 2012

Getting Ready for Santa

It is amazing how much the kids have grown up in a year!  Last we many of the things I wanted to do with them on Christmas even were a little harder and we had to do them for the most part.  However this year that was not case!  We had so much fun getting ready for Santa’s  impending arrival.  We did not even even complaints when it was bedtime.

Of course preparations for Santa started weeks ago.  We wrote letters to Santa earlier in the month.  Here are the pictures that fun experience.  Last we wrote one letter and this year everyone wrote/drew their own.

Can you tell a common theme of Leap pad 2?  I also think there was a few other items that a couple of them asked for in their letter to Santa.

After that we came in and put on some warm pjs.  It was so cold, but tons of fun.  We also made cookies for Santa.  The kids decided that Santa’s favorite are Chocolate chip cookies.

Did you notice the gate on the fireplace was taken down so Santa could come down the chimney?  It was funny some of the conversations we had about how Santa would get in the house.  Elizabeth asked if he would come through the garage.  Matthew said maybe the front down.  Then they all said that Santa was suppose to come down the chimney and we had to take that gate down.  We actually had taken all of the gates down in our house recently, except for the one at the stairs and the one on the fireplace.  Now the only one standing is the one at the stairs.

We ended our evening with the kids favorite holiday story.  Twas the Night Before Christmas


I love magic of Christmas! We hope that everyone else had a wonderful and blessed holiday.



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  1. Capri + 3--Theresa

    Super cute! It looks like you had a really fun Christmas. I love all the letters to Santa…and the cookie making…and the pictures of making tracks in the snow. How fun!

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