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Dec 06 2012

Finally beginning to feel better – update on mommy

Well was originally suppose to go home yesterday, but they were having problems managing my pain levels.  So they put me back on morphine and had me stay another day.  It was hard because it was the kids very first Christmas program at church and I one of the teachers, I really wanted to be there.  I did know that I would not be able to enjoy it with as much pain I was in though.  The church staff has been wonderful throughout this whole thing.  Someone from our church has been up here to see me every day to sit, listen, talk and pray with me.  It truly has meant so much to me.  Our children’s minister even made sure Randy had a seat up front last night for the camcorder.  So I could at least watch the video of their program. (still have not seen)

I have also had some visitors and phone calls from my wonderful NMOM friends!  I hope you all know how much you truly mean to me as well as our family!  They are mobilizing trying to figure how to help once I am home and I feel so blessed to have each of you in our lives!

As of this morning…

Last night was the first night since Saturday night that I was able to get some sleep.  I have been in so much pain every other night that I only got a few hours of sleep each night.  So I am hoping that mean they will be to send me home today.  I really miss my family and interesting enough I miss the hustle and bustle of my life.  We are a busy family and I know I will not be back in the swing of things right away but hope that I can begin to resume some normalcy soon.

Finally feeling a little better!

I will post if I get to go home later.  Have a wonderful day and God bless!


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