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Dec 16 2012

Applesauce Ornaments

One of my favorite activities I do at school every year is making applesauce ornaments.  This year I made sure we did it at home as well!  They are really simple to make and smell wonderful!  I made the dough ahead of time…I have learned that it can be pretty messy and so if I make it I can tell if it needs more cinnamon or not…it can be very sticky.  If you add more cinnamon it will reduce how sticky it is for handling.

I rolled a ball for each of the kids and they helped me flatten it out.  They each picked the the cookie cutter they wanted to use for the project.  We cut the dough, peeled the excess and used a straw to make a hole at the top for the yarn.  I then baked them and after they cooled the kids decorated their ornaments with glitter glue.  Lets just say they are very colorful!

We had so much fun!  Here is there recipe just in case you would like to make some of your own.

1 cup of applesauce

1 and 1/4 cup of cinnamon

mix them till blended well.  The original recipe calls for equal parts, but I like it more of a dough consistency.  So I add a little extra cinnamon to make it more doughy and not as sticky.  Then I roll a portion into a ball and flatten it out on aluminum foil.  Then take your choice of cookie cutter and cut it out.  I also use a straw and use it towards the top about a 1/4 inch down to create the hole for the string to hang it.

You can either let them air dry for a few days or bake them for 2 hours at 200 degrees F.  Let them cool and then you can decorate with glitter glue or glitter and glue as well as add the string.  Then they are ready for the tree!


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