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Dec 04 2012

An ER trip for mommy and now surgery!

Last night I went to the ER for some severe pain on my upper right side of my abdomen.  I figured it was my gallbladder, which I was recently told during a scan for elevated liver function, that I had gallstones.  I thought maybe they would give me something for the pain and send me home and maybe schedule to scan and or remove later if necessary.  I was so wrong!

They admitted me and are removing my gallbladder this morning.  Please say some prayers that all goes well and for a quick recovery.  Also prayer for my family at home to hang in there without me for a few days.

I miss my family terrible and so thankful Randy is willing to brave bringing them to see me this evening.  So I am sure I will have so fun pictures of our four taking over a hospital room.

I will try and update you all this evening if I feel up to it.

When I am not in so much pain! Hopefully will be pain free again soon!


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  1. Susie

    oh no… well hope you get better soon. That would be a brave thing to bring four 3year olds to the hospital. I don’t that I would be able to handle that myself. Looking forward to seeing those pictures.

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