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Nov 30 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year Thanksgiving was very hectic.  Matthew and Cameron had just started recovering from high fevers and Elizabeth had just started spiking them at the the beginning of the week.  I hate fevers especially high ones. Matthew spiked 105 several times.  Cameron’s highest was 104 and Elizabeth hit 105 as well.  Zachary ran 99 for one day but that was it.  We had lots of cold compresses, popsicles, cool baths, and running around in our under ware just trying to keep their temps under control.  Matthew went in to the doctor and we found out it was just a virus.  But since his fevers were not breaking we were told we could give him ibuprofen and if his fever did not go down we could give him Tylenol an hour later.  That did the trick…thank goodness.

Matthew and Cameron trying to cool off.

Hang in there Matthew!

Poor Elizabeth!

So once Thanksgiving day rolled around Elizabeth was still down and out.  I took the boys to my grandmother’s by myself.  Randy stayed home with Elizabeth.  We made sure to bring home some goodies for both of them. ;)  It was odd not having us all together.  I was very thankful that the boys were finally better and Elizabeth was towards the end of it.  Everyone was fever free by Friday.  We setup our tree and had Gege and Dani over for more turkey and fun.

I am very thankful for all the special memories we are making with our children and that they are here and healthy…even if they were sick over Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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