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Nov 13 2012

Slushie Fun

This past weekend we went to Home Town buffet and enjoyed tons of food.  The kids favorite part of the evening out of course was their very own slushy!  This is the first time we let them each have their own and it actually started out that daddy had one and Matthew confiscated it.  Then when daddy came back with another one Zachary claimed it.  Then of course Cameron had to have one.  Elizabeth and I had been in the bathroom so when we returned to the table she had to have her own as well.  They loved their frozen treats and were very proud that they had their very own cup.


Matthew and his blue slushie 


Zachary and his red slushie 


Cameron and his orange slushie


Elizabeth and her “pink” slushie


PS I know I still need to post Halloween pictures and I have a collection of gluten free recipe posts in the works.  It is hard to sit and post as much as I would like right now.  My whole right arm is in pain and going numb.  I am in physically therapy and taking some pain meds, so hopefully I will be good as new soon and can catch up and stay caught up ;)



  1. Sarah @ OMG There's Three

    Looks yummy. Hope your arm feels better soon!

  2. Capri + 3--Theresa

    Those slushies look delicious! I love the cute pictures. Thanks for sharing on Multiples Monday : 0 ).

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