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Nov 03 2012

NMOM Fall Party

Sunday October 21st Randy and I had been married for six year and what better way to celebrate than with the whole crew at an orchard with a a bunch of friends.  Of course if you would have asked me when we were married how many kids we would have, I probably would have said 2 or 3.  We had no clue that day was the beginning of the roller coaster ride that has been totally out of this world!  Sometimes the ride has been a little scary but so totally worth it!

Hard believe we have been married 6 years!


So back to the present.  We had a wonderful time at Aldridge Apple Orchard.  We took some fun pictures of the kids, played on the swing set, saw a few animals, and had a great dinner.  We also had smores for dessert and followed it up with a hay ride.  It was so much fun to see our kids participating in all the activities but also to see the other families.  We have been involved with so many of these families and it was amazing see how much all the other children have grown up!

Here are a few pictures from the evening.  Mind you some of the group shots took several photos to get one with all of them looking or sitting.  Even so the ones to get to the nice shot are fun to look at as well. ;)


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