The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!



Nov 04 2012


This year was so much fun when it came to carving out our pumpkins.  In years past we carved just one family pumpkin.  This year the kids each planned their own pumpkin and help with it.  They absolutely love their pumpkins and you can see the pride in their faces!

As you see Zachary said he wanted circle eyes, a triangle nose, and a scary crescent mouth with 5 teeth.  Cameron planned his with triangle eyes, circle nose, and a happy crescent mouth.  Matthew’s jack-o-lantern had triangle eyes and nose along with a crescent mouth with four teeth.  Elizabeth’s had circle eyes, triangle nose and an happy crescent mouth.  Now I am sure you are wondering if the kids asked for those by their actual shape and I am so proud to report they did!

I wish we would have taken more photos, but when you are carving 4 pumpkins everyone is involved and your hands get pretty gooey.  We all had a blast and that is what is important.


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