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Oct 26 2012

Red Barn Farm 2012

If you have followed our blog for awhile, then you already know we take a trip to Weston Red Barn farm every fall.  This is one of my favorite traditions with the kids and every year it is so much fun.  It is amazing how much they have grown up from the previous year and it is when we do these kinds of things that I really see a difference.  Of course I know this time last year we were not working on writing letters and were still working on potty training.  But when going through the barnyard is so much different with four  3 and half year olds than it is with four 2 and half year olds.  Their language is so much more elaborate and they are more independent.

This year Nana and Uncle Alan (my brother) went with us.  It was a riot to watch the kids get excited about each animal.  Whenever they hear an animal make a noise they giggle hysterically.  When an animal looked in their direction, they tell us that it is looking at them and laugh.  They were feeding the chickens and Matthew got a little to close and was pecked.  He cried a bit but was fine.  However I kid you not that chicken keep Matthew in his sights for quite a time after that.  (maybe he thought Matthew tasted good)

My favorite part of the whole trip was the pumpkin patch.  We of course rode they hay ride to the patch, always loads of fun.  It was so different this year compared to years previously when it came to picking out a pumpkin.  We typically only pick one pumpkin from the patch (they are kind of pricey).  We do it for the experience of picking a pumpkin.  We will then let them all get their own pumpkin at the checkout or later at store.  Anyways back to the patch.  They had to agree on one pumpkin and in years past this did not take much time, they were just excited about a pumpkin.  This year, however, took sometime.  It was not that they could not agree on one, it was more of the fact they could not find the “perfect” pumpkin.  We looked at so many pumpkins and all of them would have been good pumpkins.  Well most of them, some had rotten spots and we had to rule those out.  We all finally agreed on one that our perfect pumpkin.

After the great pumpkin hunt everyone was very hungry, so we stopped to have lunch.  Many of you know I have gone gluten free so I thought I would share what a meal looks like for us on the go.  The kids had sandwiches (not gluten free).  They do eat many meals gluten free, but it does not seem to phase them, I know it is just healthier.  I had a wrap made with a corn tortilla.  We also had veggie chips and bananas.  It was simple sack type lunch, but good.  We then headed over to pay for our pumpkin and called it a day.

Here are a few pictures from the day.  Enjoy!


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  1. Capri + 3--Theresa

    That looked like a really fun day. It was great to read about the changes from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2. The photos of the day really captured the family adventure.

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