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Oct 06 2012

Gluten Free

Yes I have gone gluten free.  The kids are eating some gluten free meals with me and have no clue there is a difference.  They do know  some meals they have I can not have because it contains gluten.  I went gluten free because it was suggested by my doctor to help me lose weight.  I have struggled with weight all my life and even more so since the kids.  Having PCOS makes it very hard to lose weight.  She suggested the gluten free diet because it is overall a much healthier way of eating and because it has been very successful for so many people.

I started it just a month ago and have already lost 20lbs.  That has not been the biggest thing.  The best part has been that I have not had a migraine since giving it up.  I did have one during the stress of my grandfather’s funeral, but that is to be expected.  I use to have them around that time of the month.  Since the kids any form of hormone birth control caused severe, daily, debilitating migraines.  Once I came off those I still had 2 to 3 a week.  Now with no gluten migraines are a thing of the past!  That right there has made it all worth it!!!!

We are planning on added a type recipe exchange soon for those who are gluten free.  For now I will give you a run down of my day as far as food.

Breakfast – rice crispy cereal or corn chex (several tasty flavors) 2% milk in my cereal and either milk or little bit of juice to drink

Snack – apple or banana or veggie chips

Lunch – corn tortillas with turkey and cheese, fresh fruit, carrots w ranch, water or crystal light

Snack – the same as above…if I am hungry

Dinner – Chicken, baked potato with cheese, green onions, ans sour cream, corn on the cob

There are many other items but these are my typical items/ go to meals.

The biggest thing I have learned is to just read labels.  If it has gluten or wheat in it I can not have it.  It also means I am making a lot more things from scratch and not as many prepared meals.  We do try to buy most items that are naturally gluten free.  I have given up anything breaded, bread containing wheat, noodles containing wheat, many prepared soups and packaged meals, as well as most the snack foods we had in the house. (goldfish, graham crackers, pretzels, and such)

I have also found that it is not as hard as I thought to eat out.  Salads are fine as long there are no croutons.  McDonalds and Wendys will sell you a single grilled chicken breast.  Jason’s Deli has a gluten free menu.  These are just the ones I have tried.  I have heard there are many other places that offer gluten free menus.

Here are a couple of the specialty items we have been purchasing that I really like.

I am sure the longer we do this the more I will come across.  We will setup some type of recipe exchange soon, but until then if you have a favorite gluten free recipe leave it in a comment and we will try it.  Also if you know of a place for us to try that has a gluten free menu or items leave a comment about those as well.




  1. megan

    Congrats on going GF! I have been without gluten for about 5 years now. I was so excited to find your blog (i stumbled across it through various links from a facebook giveaway). I have PCOS also and going GF was the best decision of my life! After 2 years of GF living, I was able to conceive!

    GF has come a long way, even from a few years ago. Udi’s and Rudi’s bread are my favorite store bought bread, although I enjoy making my own. There are TONS of recipes online and pinterest it amazing. The one thing I would warn you about is flours. unlike wheat-flour, GF flours don’t have anything to stick them together, so most GF food will be crumbly.
    My favorite site for GF anything is:

    This link is for her GF flour, which I adore! I did make one modification, sorghum flour instead of sweet rice flour, but either way is delicious! This is also great because it is used 1 for 1 in recipes for flour. GF cooking is a very different experience, but it is rewarding!

    Sorry to ramble on and on… Hope some of this helps! I am by no means an expert, but feel free to ask me questions!

  2. Erin

    Congratulations on going gluten free and the weight loss. That’s amazing!

    I’ve been gluten free for a year now. It’s a great time for this because there is such a highlight on gluten free right now, it’s so much easier to live this way than it would have been 5 years ago. And with Pinterest you can access so many recipes! There’s such a surge in flour less recipes, our eating hasn’t skipped a beat.

    I ended up going with a more paleo lifestyle because I realized my gf meals were still high in calories and took a lot of effort. We’ve found a good groove now and like your kids, mine eat mostly gf at home as well. I post my menu plan each week if you need some meal ideas.

    For gf products, I love Pamela’s pancake mix, and her cookies. Whole Foods makes the best gf bread in my opinion.

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