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Oct 01 2012

First Day of Preschool!

Last week the kids started preschool!  It is kind of bitter sweet.  It means they have reached another milestone and at the same time just growing up way to fast!  They were all super excited about starting for the past several weeks.  Although that morning Matthew had not been feeling well and we thought it was his allergies causes his reflux to act up.  So we decided to send him, we really did not want him missing his first day.

Cameron and Matthew were not to sure about it, Cameron warmed to the idea as we were loading up.  Elizabeth and Zachary were the first ones out the door.  Zachary was ready to go before anyone else.  Once we arrived Elizabeth took some coaxing and was good to go.  Cameron had to warm to the idea.  Matthew did not want to stay.  Zachary was gone the minute his backpack was put away.

Matthew and Cameron would not pose before school but did after.  Elizabeth and Zachary were my photo happy ones before school.  I did take the day off so I could be the one to pick them up the first day.  I got a phone call 30 minutes before school let out that Matthew had gotten sick.  So I get there to pick them up and he was fine and happy to be there at that point.  No one wanted to leave!

They had all kinds of stories and some great projects they had made.  They are getting better every day and everyone is excited to go and full of all kinds of stories about their day at school.  Everyone is doing well.  Zachary is throwing the occasional fit but no where to the extent that he does at home.  He just takes his shoes off and throws them at school.  At home he tends to strip naked during a fit and then has to redress himself.  Hoping he grows out of this really soon!



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  1. Capri + 3--Theresa

    That is a big milestone. I am glad to hear that all of your children loved it. They each have the advantage of knowing three other people on the first day which is great.

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