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Oct 08 2012

Fall at the Kansas City Zoo

This past weekend we took the kids to the zoo.  We have never been in October and we are so glad we went!  They are bringing penguins to the zoo next summer, just finished a new tiger habitat and have many new things coming in the next few years.  There were a few exhibits closed and a few moved.  We still had a blast.

First off the Disney princess were there.  Elizabeth clammed up and would not face the camera for a picture.  Of course the boys wanted nothing to do with the princesses.  They had some great fall decorations out.  So riding the train was a whole new experience.  Pumpkins and scarecrows all around.  They had crafts, face painting, and hay rides.   We had a blast!  We even had a great family photo taken by a fellow passenger on the hay ride.


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