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Aug 11 2012

VBS 2012

This summer was the first time the kids attended VBS.  I remember attending and helping for years at the church I grew up in and was very excited that my kiddos were able to attend the one at our church.  I led one of the preschool groups and originally they were suppose to be in the the 3 year old group, but we were rotating with them and every time  we separated for something, it did not work out.  So they ended up in my crew, which was fine for the most part.

They did really well with all the activities and loved craft time.  Elizabeth and Zachary sang almost all the songs during music time and Elizabeth still goes around the house singing them. Matthew and Cameron would just stand there.   We even learned some new songs and the music teacher burned me a copy for the kids.  They love slippery fish and down in the jungle.  I had never heard either, which does not happen very often since I have taught preschool for years.

They all loved the games station.  We tie dyed t-shirts in crafts the first day to wore them on our last night when we preformed all our songs.  Elizabeth and Zachary are the only ones that sang.  We have videos, but it is hard to see the kids because there was over 350 that attended vbs at our church.  Overall the kids loved it and we will for sure be attending next summer!

I will make sure next year to try and blog about each day…I was exhausted and then totally forgot to post about how much fun we had and so now I fill like I am shorting you on how much fun we really did have.  I am so far behind on blogging!  It has been a busy summer and this blog is a month over due!

Here are just a few pictures of the fun we had at vbs.


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