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Aug 17 2012

Quadruple the eye exams!

The last week of July I was able to get all four in for their eye exams.  We have to follow up and have them checked because they had ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) as infants.   Basically because they were born prematurely their eyes were not fully developed.  Technically infants eyes are not fully developed till 50 weeks, so 10 weeks after a full term pregnancy an infants eyes are considered developed.  ROP can be severe enough to need surgery or a child’s eye can continue to mature and be fine.  In some case it may be a cause to wear glasses.  Here is a info about it if you would like to read about it in depth.

We truly have been blessed and all four of ours eyes continued to mature and have no signs of even having ROP!  But they do have to be checked and I was told this last visit it is recommended to continue have their eyes checked every year to two.

Zachary and Matthew eyes are perfect!  Cameron is slightly farsighted (pretty typical for most children) but not enough to need glasses.  Elizabeth has an astigmatism and was a little farsighted as well.  So she was prescribed glasses.  The opthamologist did say that their eyes change often at their age and she may out grow the need for glasses.  I also realize that she could end up like me, needing glasses from 2nd grade on.  Either way the dr said it has nothing to do with her being premature.  (That was my biggest concern, although I could not help they came early, I still feel guilty I could not keep them in longer! )  It has to do with the shape of her eye.

Zachary had to take his shoes off!


Sitting in the exam chair


Matthew ready to be checked


Cameron’s turn


waiting to be checked



Yummy, Yummy!


These drops make it hard to see!

The following Monday Elizabeth and I wend back to pick out her glasses.  We talked about it all weekend, hoping that she would be excited and want to wear them.  She told me she wanted pink and I asked what about purple and she then replied she would not wear them unless they were pink.  The talking up of the glasses of course bit me in the rear when she was so upset she did not get to take her glasses the day she picked them out.  I explained to her that they had to send them off to get lenses in them, just like mine.  She was still not happy about leaving them, but finally decided to accept they were not ready to take home.

Elizabeth picking out her glasses

Last Thursday her glasses came in and she was so excited to pick them up.  She told me that they had lenses now and she could take them home to show her brothers.  She absolutely loves them and does great with them!  I was really worried that they would not work out.  We discussed before she got them and after how to treat them and we talked with the boys about how they were to help sissy see and that they were not to pull them off her or throw things because they could hit her glasses.  They have all done great with not messing with her glasses.  I was also hesitant about her getting glasses because she seams so young!  But once she put them on I was sold by how cute she looked.  ;)  I am still hoping she is not stuck with them forever, at least now anyways.  It would be nice if she could go without them  until she was a little older, but if she needs them, she needs them.  She does look so cute and grown up and she loves them…the most important part other than the fact they help her see better.

She looks so grown up!



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