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Aug 19 2012

Penguin Park

If you grew up in the northland you most likely played at Penguin park as a child.  It is a pretty popular place in the Kansas City northland.  We had not had a chance to take the kids, so the last week of summer (before I went back to working)  we lucked out with a couple of cooler days, so we loaded up and took the kids to the park.

The kids were so excited once we arrived.  We first started off in the section for younger kids.  I did not recall all the equipment they had when I was a summer nanny.  They had tunnels, swings, slides, teeter totters and more!  The kids were pretty much gone once we sent them to play.  We were just trying to keep up with them.  They did stay close for the most part, but of course we had times all four were running in different directions.

We did make it over to the older kids section and part of it were still a little hard for them.  Elizabeth got all the way up the elephant slide and got scared because it was really high.  She wanted to come back down the ladder and I told her it would be easier for her to just go down the slide.  With some encouragement and assuring her I would catch her at the bottom of the slide she went for it.

Their favorite slide was the kangaroo slide. Matthew was the first to discover it and shared his discovery with everyone else.   You walked up a spiral staircase inside the kangaroo and slide down the indoor slide.  They all did this for a good 20 minutes. Cameron liked to look over the side and tell me hi.  Zachary tried to figure out how many different ways he could go down the slide.   The conversation and giggling was priceless!  I have no doubt we will go again soon!


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  1. Capri + 3--Theresa

    Penguin Park looks like a lot of fun. We would love to check that out if we visit the area. Please link to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3. I hope to see you there.

    : 0 ) Theresa

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