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Aug 01 2012

Mommy’s New Adventure

I am very excited to start a new adventure this next year.  I will be installed into the office of president for Northland Mother Of Multiples in less than two weeks.  I have been a member since the kids were 5 months old and really enjoy it!  I have always been one to be very active with the organizations I have been involved in, since I was young.  If you have known me for awhile, then you probably already know that.

The first leadership role I remember taking on was youth group president at church and I did it a couple of different times.  I was also an active member of many high school clubs at the same time.   I was Worthy Advisor of NKC Assembly #55 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls for a term while I was in college.  I was on many church committees for several years a well.  I was the nursery coordinator and a youth group sponsor as well.  I was also a member of SAI at Central Methodist and was elected to secretary before I transferred to Park.  I am sure there is more, they are just not coming to mind.

High School Mission Trip

SAI group photo

When the kids were born I had to let somethings go.  So many of the organizations and activities I was involved in at the time (church, rainbow, violin lessons, work committees, etc) had to take a back burner.  That was really hard for me in a way.  I loved all those things, they were and are a part of who I am as a person.  But my four beautiful babies made it worth it.  I know I did what I needed to do, what was best for our family.  I just would not have been able to keep up with it all, even if I had tried.

McCleary Quadruplets and mommy 4 months

Now that the kids are getting older I am starting to become more involved again and it feels wonderful!  Of course, now the organizations or activities I do somehow involve my children, but still becoming more involved is fulfilling that part of me that had to be set aside for awhile.  Our family is becoming more and more active in church and that feels fantastic!  That is a huge part of who I am and it was hard not to even be able to make it to church when they were little!  We did VBS earlier this month and I was able to help by being a shepherd and this fall it looks like I am going to be leading one of the preschool rooms on Wednesday nights.

Helping at vbs

NMOM has been my stepping stone back into being involved with things.  I am excited about the new term and hope to have some wonderful things happen in the club this year.  They are a great group of ladies that I have come to know as friends, who I would not even know if I had not had quadruplets!  It is amazing the different paths one take throughout their life.  God only knows where he will lead me next.



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