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Aug 11 2012

Lawson Picnic 2012


I am sure many of you are aware by now daddy grew up in Lawson so every July we make sure to hit the Lawson Picnic.  It is something Randy grew up attending and even took me while we were dating.  We run into many of his former school mates and even past teachers.  Plus Gege gets to go with us!  She always run into some of her friends as well.

They have food, carnival rides, games, a petting zoo, live music and more.  This year was the first time the kids were able to ride more rides than they have the past 2 years.  We rode the cars, motorcycles, and carousel just as they had last year, but were were also able to ride the helicopters, spinning dragons, and spinning teacups.  It was the first time they rode the carousel all alone as well!  They look on their faces was priceless.  They had so much fun riding all the rides.  The spinning rides made for some fun conversations.  The boys had enough spinning and Elizabeth was wanting to spin faster!

We also had cotton candy and funnel cakes!  You can not go to something like that and not enjoy the staple foods!  I believe it was the first time the kids had cotton candy.  They loved it.

We did make a trip back to the van for a potty break and we all sat in the air conditioning and cooled off while the kids each went potty.  It was really hot and it was nice to cool off a bit before heading back for more rides.

I took a ton of photos, here are some just some of them!  ( I know it is still a lot!)


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