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Aug 26 2012

Choo choo wagon meets…

Last weekend we took the kids down to English Landing park in downtown Parkville.  It is another one of our favorite parks for so many reasons!  First because it has a great walking trail. Second, because you can rest and watch the Missouri river.

Third because there are two awesome playgrounds.  Last but not least our favorite part about the park is watching the trains go by.  No matter how hard we are playing or what we are doing we all stop and find a place to sit all together to watch the trains.  We have been there long enough to see 4 or 5 different trains and we stop to watch every single one of them!

So the choo choo wagon met a choo choo train.

It made for quite a site.  Everyone on the walking path had to stop and comment on how cute the kids were watching the train.  Or that they had never seen a wagon like that.   It was the last night of Parkville days so it was busier than normal.  We had fun all the same.


I also have to share that the kids have become aware of the attention the get when out in public, they have for sometime, but they are now interacting back.  Of course I am pretty sure they do not understand that they get more attention than most kids their age because they are quadruplets.  They do know they are quads and will tell people that when they ask.  (That is if they do not shy up first.)  Generally most people will stop and say hi and ask if they are triplets they often think Elizabeth is a singleton.  We explain they are quads and some will want they whole story and others mouths drop.  They tell us congrats and move on their way. Every once in awhile we will get someone that is very rude.  We just so happened to get one of those while we were out.

He asked us if those are them shot babies.  First off how rude, second off learn how to speak!  We politely ignored him.  He did eventually ask if they were all ours and I did reply yes and then we moved on.  The kids were just trying to watch the ponies and I was not going to go off in front of them.  Generally most people are respectful and polite but I could not believe all he was saying…probably some of the worst comments to date.  He even asked when we were getting out own tv show!  I did tell him I had no interest in our own show, I just do not get people sometimes.


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  1. Rebecca @ A Beautiful Ruckus

    So sorry about the rude guy! :-( It’s such a bummer when multiples families can’t go out without rude commentary. Sounds like you handled it well though.

    And I was wondering when they start to notice the attention. It sounds like you are doing a great job finding the balance between letting them know that they are quads and protecting them from the really rude comments.

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