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Jul 24 2012

Shoe Shopping x 4!

Branson has a few outlet malls, so we held out till we went to Branson to buy the kids some new tennis shoes.  This was the first time we took them all four with us and let them each pick out their very own pair of shoes.  In the past Randy and I would just pick out their shoes while we were out shopping on our own.  They of course were very excited.  We ended up at a Stride Rite store.  They had buy one get on half off so essentially with four kids we buy 3 shoes and get the 4th free.

They each were measured and received a sticker with their shoe size.  Then we hit the shelves to pick out some shoes.  Matthew and Elizabeth are in 8s and Cameron and Zachary are in 8.5, which meant they had to shop in the preschool boy sizes.  This meant we could not get 3 pairs of the same shoe if we wanted.  They each picked out a pair (after daddy and I gave them a few choices that were in our price range.)  They did really well and were just beaming with joy!

Elizabeth picked out princess shoes that light up, of course!  Cameron picked out gray and yellow shoes.  Matthew decided he wanted black and yellow shoes that light up (and are the brightest light ups I have ever seen!)  Zachary had to have cars shoes and they light up as well.  So you may wonder how that is working since 3 o the 4 picked out light up shoes.  It is actually going pretty well.  I think because they picked out their own shoes it does not seem to bug Cameron to much.  He was a little sad at first but we told him how cool his were and he seemed to cheer up.


Poor Zachary bumped his head just as I snapped the pic.


I did snap a picture of the actual shoes, I just can not figure out where I saved it.  It was after we came home, so when I find that one I will add it as well.


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