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Jul 24 2012

Ride The Ducks

While in Branson we took the kids to Ride the Ducks.  It just so happens 3 and under are free!  Have I ever mentioned that I love free things!  Of course who doesn’t enjoy free stuff!  Plus when it comes down to it raising 4 kiddos is expensive!  So we try to save money when and where we can.

Ride the ducks is a submersible vehicle that is based on the classic WWII DUKW amphibious design.  We found out during our ride they were built by women!  HA! No wonder they are still working! lol  During our ride we were able to see a bunch of Branson’s sights and learn so fun facts.  They also have an area by Table Rock Lake that they have all kinds of old military vehicles.  The kids thought those were kind of cool.

Before you board the duck you get quackers.  The kids loved blowing on those noise makers.  Every time we passed another duck we quacked.  Every joke our driver told we quacked.  He actually had some great ones too!  The one Randy likes to repeat has to do with it being so hot and dry that two trees were fighting over a dog.  Go figure!  We even quacked along to some songs.

Once we hit the water we the kids took the wheel.  Everyone but Matthew seemed to happy about it. (he did drive but would not smile, he was being shy)  There were about 9 kids total on our duck and they all got a turn to steer.  Actually one of the other moms on board and I had been talking in line.  She just happened to be a NICU nurse in Kansas.  She was in Tennessee for several years and had actually worked with a handful of quadruplets.  She had lots of questions because she knew what many sets went through starting out but had not seen any as they had grown.  It was great to talk to her because she understood quite a bit of our NICU experience and she was very impressed by how well they not only did but are doing.

Here are just a few of the pictures we were able to take!

We absolutely had a blast and would recommend you check it out if you get a chance.  Elizabeth loved it so much she did not like it when we stopped.  It is a great way to see Branson and fun for the whole family!


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