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Jul 19 2012

Our Little Water Bugs

While in Branson we were able to spend some time enjoying the pool just behind our condo.  It is always a process to get ready for pool time!  First we get the kids suits on, which they are helping with now.  Then we put sunblock on every inch of their skin that is exposed.  Next we put on their puddle jumpers and have them get their sandals and try to put them on without our help.  They are getting pretty good too, sometimes they need help with putting the left shoe on the left foot and the right shoe on the right foot.  We then make sure we have 6 towels, swim toys, camera, keys, and extra sunblock.  Once we are all ready we head to the pool.

We had an absolute blast in the pool!  They were swimming all over the place, jumping in from the sides, and even letting us toss them up a bit and splash down into the water. They were four little water bugs!   Zachary was the biggest water bug of them all!  He had us tossing him back and forth and would not let us catch him when he jumped in from the side of the pool!  They were having such a good time we made sure we made time to visit the pool every day we were in Branson!

Only wish we had the funds to buy a big enough pool for them to swim in our backyard.  (especially with it being 106 and higher for the next several days!)  The kiddie pool is just not the same!


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