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Jul 07 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We always start our day with the parade in Parkville.  It seems every time we go to a parade the kids enjoy it that much more.  This year the kids enjoyed several of the entries along with the candy!  We even saw a few friends walking this year.  One of my good friends from my mothers of multiples group (NMOM) was able to take a snap shot of us watching the parade!

Ginger said that our family took up a lot of space…I can see why!  We do take up a good chunk of sidewalk!  Thanks Ginger for snapping this!  I snapped a few shots of us watching the parade and a few of their favorite entries that went by.

Mystery Inc! AKA Scooby Doo Van!

After the parade we headed home to get ready for our annual 4th of July BBQ!  Normally we would have also hit the carnival in downtown Parkville, but it is just to hot here in Kansas City!  My parents joined us for dinner, most of friends and family that celebrate with us could not make it this year.  We still enjoyed spending some quality time with NaNa and PaPa!  We ate lots of great food, watched daddy shoot fireworks, ate some popsicles, and then stayed up way past our bedtime to watch the firework display from Weatherby Lake.  (Our back deck has a great view!)

We tried for a group shot!

Lets watch daddy shoot those fireworks!

Daddy and his fireworks!

Watching the fireworks with PaPa!

Cooling off with popsicles!





The kids enjoyed watching all the fireworks!  I think their favorite was seeing the flying lanterns like those in the movie Tangled.  I have never seen them in person, so it was fun for me to watch them as well!  I think we may try to find them next year and release some of our own!

It was very funny to listen to the kids as the fireworks were going off all around us.  I heard a lot of wows and giggles.  I also heard them each saying they wanted to see their favorite color fireworks.

Elizabeth-“I want a pink one!”

Cameron- “I want a green one!”

Matthew- “I want a blue one!”

Zachary- “I want a red one!”

So we tried to point out those particular colors as we saw them.  Overall it was a great night and it even cooled off a bit with the bit of breeze we were getting on the back deck.

We hope that each of you had a happy and safe fourth!


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