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Jul 15 2012

Dixie Stampede

While we were in Branson we decided to take the kids to Dixie Stampede.  Randy and I have been several times and always enjoy the show.  If you are unfamiliar with Dixie Stampede it is a dinner and show attraction full of animals, comedy, music, and more!  When looking at taking the kids we found out that if we took them before they were 4 they were free if they sat on our lap.  I did call them directly and explained that we had quadruplets and I was informed we could get them their own seats for just the cost of the meal.  So we went that route to ensure we had plenty of space for all six of us.

It all starts with a pre show, which was a juggler/comedian.  The kids liked it, but it was kind of hard to see and they had to sit on stools, we were ready for the main event before the pre show was finished.  The kids absolutely loved the main show!  They were so enthralled with the animals, costumes, and entertainers they did not realize they had food until about halfway through the show.  They could not keep their eyes off the arena! Matthew loved the buffalo, I could hear him six seats down screaming “Mommy look, buffalo!”  Zachary was on cloud nine watching the horses and their riders.  Cameron’s favorite was the horses and the covered wagons.  Elizabeth could not take her eyes off the Southern Belles.  She about fell out of her seat when their dresses lite up.  She said they were the Dixie princesses.  I have to tell you that another reason I know they loved the show was the fact we only visited the bathroom once during the main show!  That is a pretty big deal!

Dixie Stampede does not allow photography during the show so we took a few pictures before hand!

Our tickets!

Rainbow Horse


Look at that horse Daddy!

What is his name?

We took some the day before when we picked up our tickets and took time to see all the horses.  They kids thought it was fun to find out each of the horses names.  We then had to tell them every horses name every time we passed them…which was four different times.

They also take pictures of your group, here are our copies of those.

We totally recommend visiting the Dixie Stampede if you ever get a chance!


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    Sounds like they had lots of fun.

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