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Jun 03 2012

We want to walk!

This past Thursday we took the kids to the Kansas City Zoo.  This time Nana and I took the kids.  It was kind of a dreary day and cool weather for the last day of May.  We actually saw many animals out and about that we had not seen before.  We were even able to get a few group shots!  The kids are wanting to do more and more so after lunch they walked at least a 1/4 of Africa.  They had the expectation to hold the stroller the whole time, until we hit the next animal.  Then they would go up to the enclosure and check out the animal.  It was fun to see them have some more freedom.  While they were walking they would count, sing, and just talk about whatever.  It is fun listening to them carry on conversations.  You never know where they may take it!  When Matthew was ready to move on he would say “Lets go see the next animal!”  We were able to ride the train, tram, and carousel.  We headed home around 3. It is amazing to me how long they will last when they are so enthralled with something!

They really had a wonderful day and did not want to leave…but all things must come to an end.


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  1. Sarah

    The zoo is always a good time!

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