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Jun 20 2012

Water Day!

Monday we decided to make it a water day at our house!  We had out our wadding pool, the water table, another water table that is a sprinkler as well, and a bunch of water toys.  Of course it was a blast!  It was funny to watch each of them chose to do different things.  Zachary went straight for the pool and played in there almost the whole time.  He was probably the first to brave laying down in the water as well as let mommy dunk his lower half of his body.  Matthew and Cameron were back and forth from the pool to the water table.  Elizabeth thought it was more fun to fill her cup up from the sprinkler and drink the water!  We had so much fun in the morning we headed back out after naps.

We can go out often because of no more swimmers, just another reason I am glad they are potty trained!  Oh how I do not miss those things.  I swear when they were little every time we put one on Elizabeth she would dirty it and have to be changed before we even left to go to the pool!  That was even if she had tried to go potty before we put it on her!  Now we all take a potty break, get our swimsuits on and can play for a quite awhile without anyone even asking to go potty.

At the end of our water filled day they all laid down to watch a movie and cuddle.  So sweet!



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  1. Sarah

    Looks like you guys had a blast!!

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