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Jun 15 2012

Three years ago today

It is hard to believe that three years ago today Elizabeth came home and joined Cameron and Matthew (they both came home on June 2nd).  Zachary stayed a few more days and finally came home on June 19th to join his sister and brothers.  My actual due date was June 18th and we were told not to expect them home until close to that date.  So that was about right.  It was a blessing that they all came home with no monitors or oxygen.  They could have made our transition a little more interesting, I was glad to leave the monitors behind in the NICU.  This weekend is also Father’s day.  It just so happens that our first full day with all of our crew home was Father’s day!  So this weekend is always a little extra special for us.


Cameron and Matthew Going home!


Elizabeth going home


Zachary going home!


Our First Father's day and first full day home!

Randy is sure one proud daddy in this picture!  Of course who wouldn’t be all four of our babies were finally home!


First family outing

Hard to believe we actually took them out their first full day home!  I still can not believe we did, but it was Father’s day and we needed to visit grandpa and great grandpa!  Many of our family members visited our little ones in the NICU and it was nice to return the favor.  We made it through our first outing without a hitch!  I still remember carrying all four kiddos in their carriers plus the over-sized diaper bag and the bottle bag.  If they would have come home during RSV season we would have not made this outing.  It may have taken a lot to prepare to take our four out just for a couple of hours but it was worth it!  It meant so much to us to finally feel “normal.”

Thanks for reminiscing with me!  I hope everyone has a great Father’s day weekend!


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