The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!



Jun 22 2012

The Springs Aquatic Center

IfamilyKC sponsored a Mommy and Me event at the The Springs Aquatic Center not to far from our house.  We had not taken the kids there before mainly because we did not want to spend a a bunch of money and have to leave because the kids did not enjoy it.  But with this event admission was just $2 each and it was just for two hours.  So it was the perfect opportunity for us to check it out!

The kids pretty much jumped right in the water!  They went straight for the water slides.  We have never done a water slide and was not sure what they would think.  I ended up going down one slide a couple of times with 3 of them on my lap!  We were all sufficiently soaked after that!  Elizabeth did not like it and decided to sit out all together.  After awhile she warmed up to idea of the rest of the pool and did just fine.  Cameron actually went down the orange slide by himself twice!  Zachary went down on his own with some coaxing.  The area we were in was the splash and play and was perfect for us!  The kids all did their own thing but at the same time stayed close to Nana and mommy.  We had a great time and the kids all told daddy they wanted to go back with him sometime!


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