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Jun 26 2012

Play date with our friends the Brandt Triplets!

We went to the Kansas City zoo with the Brandt’s a few weeks back and we could not wait to spend some more time with them.  So we invited them over for a play date at our house!  It was a lot of fun to see how they interacted with each other.  Cassie, Ben and Andy are a just about a year and a half.  They are very sweet and definitely have their own personalities already.  (Of course I remember how we could tell that early on with our own, but when they are not your own you tend to not know those differences as well.)  Ben and Andy jumped right in with our kids.  Cassie was a little hesitant and our four kept bringing her play food and different toys until she warmed up and then she was all over the place.

It was fun for me to have little ones here not only to see how nurturing our kids were, but also to see Sarah’s kids and remember some of the things we went through at that age.  One thing I am glad we have grown out of is climbing on all our furniture.  Of course we still do it sometimes but they know better and will correct it.  Cassie, Ben, and Andy are at the age where they are still learning expectations and “no” can be more of a game than a correction for them.  I definitely glad we are past that stage.  Hang in there Sarah, they do eventually grow out of it.


Yes, I know we have tons of toys in our basement!  You would think that would mean that no one got upset over a toy!  Hahaha!  Zachary was all about his trains and did not want to share them, even though there was plenty!

Our play date turned into a lunch date.  We brought up one of our kid tables and our crew ate in the kitchen and our friends ate in their booster seats.  It did feel a little strange making 7 kids plates, but it was lots of fun having them join us for lunch.

In retrospect I would have loved to have all seven of them sit down for a group picture, but do not worry we will definitely get together again!





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  1. Sarah

    We had so much fun! We’ll have to do it again soon.

  2. Brianne Hillman

    Now that looks like a fun play date!

  3. Brianne Hillman

    Now this looks like a FUN play date!

  4. Brianne Hillman

    Now this looks like a FUN play date!

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