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Jun 21 2012

Our New Ride

As I promised here is the post about our new van!  We have now had it a little over a week now and love it.  The kids call it our “New red van!”  They say it is magic because it has the doors on that open on their own.  They also think it is pretty cool we can call people through the van with the Bluetooth synced to my phone.   They also like the built in sun shades in all four back windows!  I do not hear anymore complaining about the sun being in their eyes while I am driving.  (The ones we bought when they were little did not work out so well, they did not stay up and if they did the kids pulled on them and they would no longer retract.)  I still have not figured everything out!  I love the color, of course if you have known me long enough you would probably guess I would at some point have another red vehicle!  It is my first “new” car and am pretty excited about it!  Hard to believe we pulled out of the dealership and the odometer read 80 miles.  Crazy!


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  1. Sarah

    I have to say, I’m a little jealous. This is the exact van (and color) I’ve been wanting!!

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