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Jun 19 2012

My Friend Paris


Awhile back we were contacted by Cristina  at New Year Publishing to check out a series written from the angle of an older sister who has younger twin sisters.  All they wanted us to do was read a couple of them and then blog about it.  Of course the preschool teacher in me could not pass up free books and then the fact that they talk about multiples is even better!  The books are actually written by a 14 year old and are very cute!  Elizabeth loves reading them!  She has twin princess baby dolls and the first time we read one of the books and it mentioned twin she said “just like my twins!”  We have read them cover to cover several times.  The kids love looking at the colorful pictures and hearing about the different places Paris and her twin sisters have visited.  We may  end up getting the rest of the books from the series.

As a teacher I think my preschoolers would love to hear about the adventures of traveling around the globe and having twin sisters.  I also happen to have lots of multiples in my class almost every year.  Many times twins and sometimes even triplets.  I think these children would relate to aspects of the stories and those with older sibling might understand their older sibling just a little bit better.

If you get a chance I highly recommend checking out this series.

Our kids really enjoy reading them.

Thank you Cristina for allowing us to enjoy these fun stories!  Good luck Paris in all your future writing adventures!


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