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Jun 14 2012

Good Bye Dear Friend

Tuesday night we said goodbye to our van.  It was bitter sweet to say the least!  It all started last week when our dealership contacted us saying they really wanted our van and they were willing to do what they could to purchase it from us.  So we decided we would check it out.  So Monday I went up to Jay Wolfe Toyota (where we have purchased my last 2 vehicles) to see what this all really meant and whether or not it would be worth our time.  Turns out they really wanted our van for their used inventory.  So they wanted to get us in something newer and were willing to meet our demands.  So the long and the short of it is that we now have a brand new car for the same payments we were making, at a much better interest rate, and they essentially paid off the other van.  Basically they made Randy an offer he could not refuse.

But like I stated before it is bitter sweet.  We bought our van a few weeks before I went on bed rest with the quads.  Actually it is kind of funny we had purchased a Rav4 in 07 when we were trying to having a child.  We figured it had plenty of space for us!  Then at the end of 08 we found out we were way wrong!  So needless to say we traded in my Rav4 for the Sienna.  Our Sienna was what has taken us everywhere the last few years!  It was the vehicle we brought the kids home in from the NICU.  Taken us on many family vacations and trips around KC.  Taken us to many appointments and reunions.  It is part of many of our fond memories.  And even some memories I try not to think about to often.  (example: projectile vomit…more than a few time!)  Our van treated us well and now hopefully it will bless another family with some great memories as well!

Here are just a few of our fond memories with our Sienna…

I know we have more, I just have to find out where they were saved. ;)  I will try to add a few more..esp from when they were little.

Of course I will post about our new vehicle very soon!  I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats.



  1. Sarah

    So, can you get them to get me the same deal??

  2. Cheryl

    And don’t forget Matthew trying to drive the van. Don’t worry he will be breaking in the new one soon enough.

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