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Jun 10 2012

Deanna Rose Farmstead 2012

Last Thursday we took a little road trip to Deanna Rose.  It is about a 45 minute drive from our house.  Admission is free Monday-Thursday and we had not been out there since last summer.   We arrived around 10 o’clock and headed straight for the animals.  First we saw the dairy barn and the kids got up close and personal with some calves.  We then headed over to see a teepee.  They all ran right in to check it out.  Then we stopped to pose for a picture.  I am loving the fact they will at least all four sit to pose for a picture…does not always mean I can get them all to look or smile for me.

We tried to feed the baby goats.  The key word is tried!  We got through the first gate and then I open the second gate and that is when it fell apart.  All the goats started to swarm and the kids freaked out!  I had to hand Elizabeth and Cameron over the fence to Nana.  Zachary stayed for a couple of minutes and then was over it.  Matthew was the only one that actually fed the goats.  The other three were pretty worked up and took the time to calm down.  (They were all excited about feeding the goats before hand, but I guess when the goats are jumping up for the milk it is a whole other thing.)

After that we took a restroom break and washed our hands.  We then played at one of the playgrounds.  It is so fun to watch how each of them heads off in a different direction!  They have their mind set on what they want to do and it is not usually the same as anyone of their siblings.  They played hard and so we stopped for ice cream.  We then toured the rest of the complex without many hiccups.

We then went to have lunch.  Of course the minute we sat down Matthew and Cameron had to go potty.  I took them all the way from the picnic area to the restroom (not very close) and when I got back Elizabeth and Zachary had to go, so I made the trip again.  We finished our lunches and loaded up to head home.  We were not even on the road 5 minutes before Cameron said he had to go, which started a chain reaction!  So we made a pit stop and they all went.  Loaded everyone back up and started to head home.  I kid you not 5 minutes later Cameron is crying he has to go again.  I would not have stopped but he was dancing in his car seat.  I stopped again and took him in by himself.  I thought he was never going to stop going potty!  It then dawned on me he was not going but what he had to every time before because Matthew was with him in the stall.  At our last trip to the zoo Matthew flushed the toilet while Cameron was sitting on it and scared Cameron to death.  So this had been the first time Cameron was not afraid Matthew was going to flush the toilet on him.  Needless to say he took care of business this time and we made it the rest of the way home!  It was a good thing to, I was sick of taking everyone potty! lol Do not get me wrong, I love the fact we are in big kid underwear all day but I have seen enough bathrooms at this point to last me a good while!



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