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Jun 28 2012

A Day at Crown Center


This past Monday Nana and I took the crew to Crown Center to check out Kaleidoscope and The Dinosaurs Land of Fire and Ice exhibit.  We made our first stop at Kaleidoscope.  It is in conjunction with Hallmark cards and is a place full of all kinds of items for the kids to be creative.  We painted, colored, glued, drew, cut, and just had fun!  They loved the fact they could finish one thing and move on to another, perfect for our crew.  Elizabeth and Cameron took longer painting and Matthew and Zachary enjoyed playing peek a boo through a window while they waited.

We had to decorate our bags!  They could barely reach the counter…but they did not care!

Matthew deciding which color to use next!

They loved painting their masks!

Elizabeth colored a fish, she even gave it a face.

We stopped to pose for a picture.

After we filled our bags full of our arts and craft items we headed to the dino exhibit.  They kids absolutely love dinos!  They spent time sliding, digging, playing, and just having fun!  I do apologize if the next set of pics are a little blurry, my camera died and these were taken with my phone.

Cameron playing with the dinos!

Zachary and Matthew playing with the dinos!

Elizabeth arranging the trees.

Yes my daughter is a ham!!!!

The goggles were a little big for Matthew, but he liked them just the same!No thanks Sis, I got this!

Cheeser!  (Cameron)Zachary is contemplating his next move and Matthew is digging for bones.

I think they found some bones!

Love this group shot!  Hold on Elizabeth!

Did I mention both Kaleidoscope and The Dinosaurs the land of fire and ice are FREE!!!!


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