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May 06 2012

Third Birthday Party!!!!

I know this post is a few weeks over due…but April was a busy month!  I still can not believe my babies are three!  Three years ago I could not have even imagine getting to their 3rd birthday.  I hoped and prayer we would see it and many more, but at that point they we taking it day by day.  It is amazing how far our micro preemie babies have come!  They were all under 3lbs and now are at or around 30lbs!  They have grown so much it is mind boggling!

This year we decided less was more for their birthday party.  We just invited family and a couple of really close family friends.  We had a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme and thanks to pinterest I made everything!  I tweaked a few things to fit our theme and the kids loved it!  I made mickey and minnie cupcakes, birthday hats, and a banner.  A friend bought them a pinata for their party that was a mickey.  So we were decked out!  Here are just a few pictures from the days festivities.


Happy Birthday to our little monkeys!!!!  We love you so much!  We hope you enjoyed your day!

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