The McCleary Quadruplets

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May 28 2012

“They are not flowers yet!”

The kids have been asking to plant flowers since they started seeing flowers at the stores.  I told them that we would plant some and finally had a chance to do that today!  While Randy and I were on our date last night we were able to find some flower pots, seeds, and dirt.  They were so excited last night when we brought those home with us.  This morning we setup on the back deck and got our hands dirty.  We had five different kinds of flower seeds and they each picked what kinds they wanted to plant.  They also used their spray bottles to water their own flower pots.  They kept telling me “They are not flowers yet mommy!  They have to grow!”  So now we are counting the days until they start to sprout.  I painted their names on each of their pots and watered them again this evening.  I can not wait to hear what they say when they start to grow and then bloom!


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    So cute!

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