The McCleary Quadruplets

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May 03 2012

Some big news today…

Drum roll please…

Many of you know we have been looking in to getting the kids into some kind of preschool.  It had to be something we could afford along with still paying my mom to watch the kids the rest of the day.  So today my prayers have been answered!  I received an email this morning from the preschool at Park Hill School High school that there will be room in the fall for all four of our kiddos!!!!   I was so excited I did a happy dance and even cried tears of joy!  The class meets 3 days a week for about 3 hours each day.  It is taught by the Early Education students and over seen by a certified teacher.  It is the first time they will have had quadruplets participate in the program and they are looking forward to the experience!

So with all that said we are excited and also it is kind of sad…another milestone!  My kids are growing up to fast!  I know it will be good for them to socialize with other children and be in a school structure.  I know they will learn so much and I can not wait to ask them what did you learn at school today and then listen to their answers.


Hard to believe they will be starting preschool in the fall!!!


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