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May 16 2012

Smoothie Fun

Tonight I made the kids smoothies to enjoy while I made their dinner.  They love smoothies, but the last time I made them was before we were using big kid cups as well and so this was the first time we drink smoothies out of cups.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever.  They drained their cups and wanted more.  I actually ran out of smoothie!  They did really well with it in their cups.  We are still practicing with cups…we have not been the best about giving them cups to often, because it can be a huge mess if they start playing around.  Tonight was the first time no one spilled!!!!  So I was pretty proud.  I guess I will have to keep making smoothies to practice with our cups, because they want to drink it down to the last drop.  So I may be looking up new and fun smoothie recipes!

Did you notice the smoothie mustache?  If you have a favorite smoothie recipe please share it and we will be sure to try it!

On another note, there is only one week left for voting!  Hang on a few more days.  We would love to come in number 1 this year!  You never know what doors it can open with that kind of exposure from just being in the top 25.  Thank you again for all of your support!


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  1. olusola

    I don’t hahe a favorite smoothine recipe but I do have a formula that I like to follow. It’s here

    PS: Voted for you too. Love your blog

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