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May 26 2012

School is out for summer!

School is out for summer, for mommy!  I love being a teacher for so many reasons!  One just happens to be summer vacation.  I know that will be even more important once the kids start school.  It is a nice perk to have summers and holidays off with my family.  Yesterday was our official last day of school for the school year!  Of course I do work on things for my classroom over the summer, but I just do bits here and there, nothing major.  I report back August 13 and I am so excited for that day.  When I walk in the doors for next school year I officially have my tenure with the district!

So today was my first full day of summer vacation.  I am sure many of you are wondering how I spent it.  Well my day started at 6:30 when the kids got up.  They never get my memo about sleeping in. :)  We spent the morning just relaxing and enjoying each others company.  After they went to nap my cousin Angie came over.  She and her husband our expecting their first child!  They are waiting to find out it they are being blessed with a boy or girl.  She is due in July so we will find out pretty soon!  Both her and Jesse came out today to go through some of our kiddos old things to see if they might want them.  I could not believe all the stuff I still had left.  I had already given some away to a close friend, but we still had so much!  They left with toys, changing pad, johnny jump up, blankets, bottles(tons of them) bottle warmer, and some clothes.  They had a SUV full!  It made my day to be able to help them out.  We have been given so much and it just seems appropriate to do the same for others.  I still have more to send her way once their little one make his/her debut!  Please say a little prayer that Angie breezes through her last few weeks and has a safe delivery! Thanks :)

Once I helped them load everything I came inside to 3 out of the 4 in time out.  Come to find out the boys tore their mini blinds in there room to pieces and were playing with them like swords.  Good grief!  Really!  I do not know how many times we have talked about it was important to leave them alone in the living room.  They have never really messed with the ones in their room until now.  Before Angie and Jesse came out I had setup the kids pool.  So as a consequence the boys had to sit out for 3 minutes while Elizabeth played in the pool.  They did not like it one bit.  I bet they will think twice about messing with the blinds again!

Penalty Box

I did not break my blinds!

 I think daddy fogged up the camera!  Sorry about that.

Pool time was a riot.  They enjoyed splashing each other, mommy, and daddy.  Elizabeth continually told the boys “No you don’t do that to me!” or “Don’t get my princess swimsuit wet!”  It was kind of comical, she has become very dramatic and so when so was saying those things she was all worked up.  Cameron was not phased by the splashes in his face, he enjoyed spraying himself with his spray bottle.  Matthew thought it was fun to try and get mommy and daddy wet.  Zachary thought it was hysterical when he was splashed with water.

We enjoyed dinner out and came home to make ice cream sundaes.  What a great start to my summer vacation!  Tomorrow Randy and I get a date night, so I am pretty excited about getting out to spend some time as a couple.  Gege and Dani are coming to watch the kids.  So Elizabeth says Mommy and Daddy have a date tomorrow and she and her brothers have a date with Gege.  I do not think I could ask for a better start to my summer!



  1. Sarah @ OMG There's Three

    Sounds like an excellent start to the summer!

  2. Cheryl

    How funny is this. I can just see the boys using the blinds as swords. I was laughing so much I had tears in my eyes. Looks like I have my work cut out for me tonight!! :)

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