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May 08 2012

Look Out Preschool Here We Come!!!!

So today we received another email about preschool in the fall!  We now have all the important dates and times!  The kids are so excited about going to school in the fall.  They are so excited they are packing their backpacks with anything they can find, put them on and tell us “bye, we are going to school.”  Then they walk down the hallway and come back and tell us they are home.  It is very sweet to see them so excited!  It is still hard to believe they are old enough to go to school in the fall.  The Panther Preschool is a lab school for the high school they will actually attend (unless we move).  It is three days a week for about 3 hours each of those days.  So starting September 24th our little ones are headed to preschool.  Which means we officially have our very first supply list.  Here it is for those of you wondering, of course we have to multiply this by four!

Supply List:

1-8oz. bottle of glue

1 box of markers (small or large)

1 box of facial tissue

1 paint apron or old shirt (not too large) with sleeves if possible-with name on it, if you don


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