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There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!



May 30 2012

Doors and fingers do not mix!

A few weeks ago we finally took the door guard off the bathroom door so the kids could start taking themselves to the restroom.  It has been going pretty well for the most part.  We talked about keeping the door open when they are in there and they can only go in to use the restroom.  The past couple of days they think it is funny to try and hide in there.  We have continually told them that if they close the door they might catch a finger in the door.  So today that is exactly what happened!  I was in the kitchen packing snacks for the zoo when I heard them head that way and reminded them not to go in there unless they had to use the potty.  The next thing I hear is Elizabeth screaming a blood curdling scream and crying!   I race down the hall and she already was running towards me.  All I saw was her left finger covered in blood!  I race her to the sink as well as put Cameron and Matthew in timeout for shutting her fingers in the door.  I ran cold water over her finger and got a band aid on it, then we iced her finger.  She kept saying her boo boo on her finger hurt.  She was crying so much mom gave her while I called the doctors office to see what else I needed to do and if it need to be checked out.  They had me bring her right in to the office.

Once there the nurse had me remove the bandage, her poor finger looked worse, it was still bleeding, swollen, and turning blue.  I do not have a stomach for these kinds of things!  Our pediatrician came in and asked what happened.  I told him the story and he took a look at her poor little finger.  He said she will probably lose her nail and that it will be banged up for awhile.  He was worried about her bones in her finger so he ordered an x-ray.  He also asked to see her back Friday to check on it again.

While waiting for her x-rays we grabbed something to hold us over till we could get some lunch.  She did so well during her x-rays!  She held still and did everything they asked.  She thought it was pretty cool to she her “pictures.”  The x-rays came back fine, so no broken finger.  Thank goodness!    We then went to daddy’s work to visit for a few and then grabbed lunch.  She was worn out and crashed after her wacky pack from Sonic.  She has been out of character all day because of the whole fiasco.  She does not want the bandage off, but we had to redo it 3 time already.  It is still oozing blood a bit and very sore.  I am so thankful she is going to be fine and it is just a banged up finger.

I took some pictures, but be forewarned they might be a little gross.

Never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!!!!


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