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May 19 2012

Brandts, Ishums, and McClearys at the Zoo Oh My!

For a few weeks now we had been planning a trip to the Kansas City Zoo with some friends of ours.  You may have heard of them…especially if you follow our blog. (They are both on on blog roll)  This is the first time all of the kids had a chance to get together.  We met Rebecca and Sean Ishum shortly after they found out they were expecting quads and have been staying in touch ever since.  We actually met Sarah last summer at the zoo, it was just a chance run in.  She actually had been reading our blog and since then I can not stop reading hers.  So today our group had a set of triplets and 2 sets of quads.

We started our day by packing the essentials.  Lunch, snacks, drinks, first aid kit, camera (with a fully charged battery), hats, sun block and the backpack.  Our backpack is our change of clothes bag.  I made sure it was fully stocked, just in case.  So that means 2 full outfits a piece, you never know what you might need!  We are taking the double strollers now a days on outings like these.  It is much easier to push 60lbs + stroller than to pull 120lbs + wagon.  Plus the strollers have storage space!

Brandt Triplets, McCleary Quads, and Ishum Quads!!!!

We arrived at 9:30 and meet Sarah and her crew (Andy, Ben and Cassie) at the gate.  Rebecca and Sean were not far behind with their crew (Ellie, Caleb, Elijah, and Abby).  Our first adventure was to Africa.  We saw elephants, hippos, lions, giraffes, warthogs, and more.  When we arrived at each animal the kids had to say hi and when we left they would say bye.  Between animals I they were saying “beep, beep, coming through!”  They say some of the funniest things!  We made it almost all the way around when we stopped for our first potty break.  While waiting Sarah and I met an expecting mom of twins.  It is funny how since we have had multiples, I seem to meet others with multiples.  It is kind of neat how that works.


Group Photo!

After we finished Africa we decided it would be a great time to stop for lunch, not to mention we were going to try and stay out of what looked like could start raining at any time. (it just sprinkled).  We rode the tram back to the front and headed to the carousel.  Zachary had to ride on a tiger.  Elizabeth rode a hippo.  Matthew rode on a monkey .  Cameron rode on a giraffe.  While we were on the ride someone actually was going through Sarah’s diaper bag!  I can not believe someone would do that!  Nothing was missing thank goodness.  Needless to say the least I was more aware of our strollers and those in our group!  Definitely did not want that happening again!

We then headed to Australia to see the tigers and kangaroos.  It was so fun to watch and listen to them talk to the animals as if they were going to talk back.  They told one tiger to wake up.  Another one was laying its head down and when he picked it up Zachary said “Good morning tiger!”  It was so sweet!  We ended our day watching the polar bear.  Which of course they loved!

It is amazing thinking back to last summer and our adventures at the zoo compared today.  The big difference is the language.  They each wanted to see a specific animal and had so much to say the whole day!

Like always here are some snap shots of our day!  Pictures are totally worth a thousand words!


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