The McCleary Quadruplets

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May 20 2012

A Few of our Favorite Things

Of course with that title I want to break out into song!  Although, even if I do you will not be able to hear me.  :)  Our crew has become very vocal about their favorite things and I thought it would be fun to share that with all of you.  They do like some of the same stuff, but definitely have their personal favorites and will tell you so.  We hear the statement all the time, “My favorite color is ______” or My favorite food is ______”  and of course “My favorite character is_______.”  If it is something they do not like all four of them use the same response.  “I do not like that, that is gross!”  I know they are individuals and it still amazes me how different on somethings they truly can be.

Elizabeth’s Favorites

  • Color – Pink
  • Food – Anything mommy eats
  • Animal – Elephant
  • Character – Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Cameron’s Favorites

  • Color – Green
  • Food – Olives and refried beans
  • Animal – Giraffe
  • Character – Mickey Mouse

Matthew’s Favorites

  • Color – Blue
  • Food – Mac and Cheese, eggs, pancakes on a stick
  • Animal – Monkey
  • Character – Spiderman

Zachary’s Favorites

  • Color – Red
  • Food – Pizza
  • Animal – Tiger
  • Character -Lightning McQueen or Cars 2

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