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Mar 21 2012

Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that in a week and a half the kids will be three!  It still seems like yesterday we found out we were pregnant with our four little miracles!  Of course they are not so little anymore.  I still remember being stuck in the bed at KU Med praying that my body could hold on long enough to give them the best chance possible!  Now three years later we are climbing, jumping, running, giggling, telling stories, dancing, counting, getting dressed, wearing big kid undies, and even tell us what shapes, colors, numbers and letters they see and the sounds they make!  Where did my babies go?  They have grown up into these loving, caring individuals in the blink of an eye!

We have been truly blessed and it is more evident to me looking back.  Our life was turned upside down when we found out we were having quads.  Once they came home we fell into a routine chaos that became our life.  By that I mean we were constantly busy and taking care of four little ones left no time to rest or reflect.  Now that they are older things have settled down ie the constant bottle, diaper changes and such.  We have a structure and routine that works for us.

I am always asked if things have gotten easier not that they are older and my answer is yes and no.  The nonstop care of four infants has of course changed, then there was potty training, fits, fights over toys, and things like this.  Lets just say we are always on our toes and take one day at a time.  It seems like when we overcome one challenge another arises.  For instance, we had lots of pushing, that has seemed to slow down and now the new thing is to pull someones hair when we are upset with them.  Another challenge we face are the fits/melt downs.  Zachary still throws tantrums, but the others will yell, cry, pout, or argue about their grievances.  Elizabeth was so mad at me one day, because I closed her out of the bathroom, that she was stomping around outside the door screaming “you don’t close me out of the bathroom mommy!”  She was so upset.  Things have definitely changed from raising four infants.  We are now raising four 3 year olds that sometimes think they are much older.

I am sure three will present some new challenges and lay some to rest.  The question is are we up for it?

Of course we are!  We love our family and would not trade them for anything.  By the grace of God we made it through the toddler years and through the grace of God we will continue on!


For some giggles here is a pic of me three years ago this weekend at 28 weeks.  I had them 6 days later.

6 days before their arrival!

28 Weeks


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