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Feb 21 2012

The Final Chapter of the Potty Training Diaries

Sorry it took me so long to post this final potty training segment, life has been crazy between normal craziness, four potty trained kiddos, illness, and my migraines.  This entry is far over due and so without further ado…

We are proud to finally announce that Cameron is officially in his big boy underwear.  It did take us some time to hit this milestone, but now he is doing great!  This also means that all four of the kiddos are in big kid underwear!  He officially started in his big kid underwear a week and a half ago.   I am so proud of all four of them.

It is funny how having four potty trained toddlers changes the way you think.  Now whenever we go anywhere we think about how we will make it without an accident.  We have traded out the diaper bag for a change of clothes bag.  We always potty right before we leave and depending on what we are doing/going we will potty when we get there.  Generally we are doing well going out.  It is so funny though,  when one asks to go potty in public it snowballs.  I even think about things like if we go to a party will there be enough toilets or how far away we will be away from the bathroom.  Oh how our life has changed since we have potty trained.

We still do have the occasional accidents, but that is normal for this age.   I know they get busy, side tracked, do not get there quick enough and forget.  I know older kids have problems with this as well.

Of course the final potty training diaries would not be complete without pictures, especially with our newest potty star!


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  1. katie

    Congratulations! Good for you!
    My triplets are a bit younger than yours, & my little girl PT herself this past month. The boys are SO not ready. Going out with one PT changes things a lot already. I’m very fearful for when all 3 are PT (its our July agenda for the boys) It was fun to “watch” their progress.

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