The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!



Feb 28 2012

Practicing for the Snake Saturday judges.

The kids are practicing for Saturday when we enter them in to try and win the Little Lads and Little Lassie for the Snake Saturday parade. Elizabeth says she wants to ride in the parade, so she’s practicing on being up on stage and showing her personality, with her Dora Microphone.



  1. kristen

    I wanted to tell you that we were at the lad and lassies contest today and when I heard your little girl say her last name and then I saw there were four children it finally clicked with me that I had read your blog before. Your little girl was so precious and so honest! She just wanted to ride in the parade, she was too cute! I am sorry she didn’t win! And the boys just didnt want any part of it, did they.

  2. Randy McCleary

    Yeah Elizabeth really wanted to ride in the parade and the boys, just didn’t want to get up on the stage. Normally they would have loved to gotten up there and act all crazy like. I’m sure if they all 4 could of gotten up there, their personalities would have really came out. They just didn’t want to be separated.

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