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Jan 02 2012

The Potty Training Diaries Day 6

So yesterday was a true test of how well the kiddos were doing. We went to church. Ms. Michelle is their teacher and the kids love her! So we prepared all week by talking about who they would tell at church. From working with kids all my life I knew to take lots of extra clothes and a plastic bag. We had no clue what to expect. We took everyone potty before we left the house and tried to take everyone when we got there. I told Ms. Michelle that we were going about every hour, but Cameron needed to try sooner because he was drinking his sippy cup when we got there. When we went back to their room I was afraid to look! Cameron did not go early and when everyone else went he almost made it…just was going as they tried to take him. I guess it was a pretty big mess. Elizabeth just started and finished in the potty. Matthew and Zachary stayed dry the whole time!!!! When we walked in Sissy told me she had to go again (just went 5 minutes early). So I took her and she had soaked her pants and then went more in the potty. Since they had all just went we headed out.

We needed to stop on the way home and since they had all just went we all went in and did a little shopping. By the time we got home Cameron and Elizabeth had wet again! Matthew and Zachary were still dry! By the time nap time rolled around Cameron had had 2 accidents and Elizabeth had 3. The afternoon did not get better! Elizabeth had 1 and a partial(started but hardly anything) and Cameron had 3 and ended up back in a diaper…we ran out of clean plastics and could not get them clean before they would have been in bed. Elizabeth was on her last pair and was told if she had anymore would be in a diaper as well. She was dry after that. Matthew was whiny and was pouting on the couch, I came out from taking Cameron potty and looked over to see why he was upset and noticed he had peed all over the couch! He has never done that! Zachary was the only one who stayed dry all day. I was so fried by the end of the day. I had reached my breaking point and was holding back tears, I was just so stressed.   It is obviously not an easy task to potty train 4 toddlers, some days are better than others and yesterday was one of the not so good days. We are going to keep going, but it is wearing on me and I go back to work tomorrow and my mom will continue and I am not sure how well they will do. Matthew and Zachary are there and it took Matthew one day and Zachary 3 but now we are still working with Elizabeth and Cameron. The thing is they understand and can tell you what they are suppose to do and tell us that they are big kids, not babies. So I want to let them keep trying.

So last night we decided to try the sticker charts and of course I have to do one for all of them even though Matthew and Zachary do not need them. So I will fill you in on how those go later!

Potty Charts




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