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Jan 04 2012

The Potty Training Diaries Days 7, 8, and 9

Sorry for the lack of updates, I went back to work on Tuesday and have been exhausted by the end of the night.  So just to catch everyone up Monday we introduced the sticker chart.  Elizabeth had  just 2 accidents, one of which she was just not quick enough to make it to the bathroom.  Cameron had 3 accidents total day.  Both of them told us when they had to go before the timer went off a couple of times.  They were very proud of all the stickers they were earning.  Matthew and Zachary of course were our rock stars!!!

Our Potty Charts

Tuesday I went back to work and was very worried what this would mean for the kids progress.  Grandma Gege started the day because Nana had a doctors appointment.  Overall the day went pretty well.  Here are the updates from grandmas that they posted on my facebook wall…

Gege’s update

The update from this morning is as follows: Elizabeth has had 1 accident, Cameron had 1 in his undies and 1 in a diaper right before nap time in his diaper. And Zachary and Matthew are still the rock stars with no accidents. This update was right before GeGe left at 1:15 p.m. Good luck Nana on the rest of the afternoon.

Nana’s update

Elizabeth sat on her pink potty chair for almost 15 minutes for me and refused to go, five minutes later she wet pants. Cameron and Zachary did great for me and poor Matthew had an accident but I take the blame for that one because I received a phone call concerning Friday and did not get him to the bathroom on time after he said something.

Once I got home there were no more accidents!  So not a bad day at all.  I do have to share a funny story about Zachary after everyone went to bed.  He was in his bed crying so I went in and he wanted to go potty so I took him potty.  First he sat on the big potty, then the pink potty seat, then the blue potty seat.  He went both in all three of them, but he was not done!  He went on all three of them again in the same order and did more each time.  So he went a total of six times.  I was laughing and he was giggling each time he went and say he had more poops.  He finally finished and went to bed…but oh my goodness was it funny.

Today was even better!  Cameron had just two all day!  Drum roll please…Elizabeth finally stayed dry all day! She is very proud of herself too.  Matthew and Zachary did great as usual.  Everyone but Cameron even did both on the potty.  Here is an individual view of how they are doing.  They dots are when they had an accident…even if they did not make it quick enough I marked it, just so I could remember.  So hopefully tomorrow if Elizabeth stays dry all day we will go without plastic the next day…which means a picture in her undies!



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