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Dec 30 2011

The Potty Training Diaries Day 4

Overall today was another great day.  Elizabeth had two accidents at the start of the day and then caught on again.  She is struggling with wanting to go when she needs to go at times.  Other times she is the first in the bathroom.  She is finally saying she is a big girl and big girls wear underwear.  She kept saying she wanted a diaper and I have been telling her she is a big girl and she can only have them at nap time or at bed time.  I also said babies wear them all day…are you a baby?  she of course promptly said no!  She only had one more accident, which was right before bed.  Cameron did pretty well today.  He had three total but one was at lunch, one at dinner, (both times he tried before) and right before bed.  I know food is distracting lol.

Drum roll please…..

We have two with no accidents !!!!  Matthew and Zachary are my pottying fiends!  Matthew actually wore underwear all day with no plastic covers!  Zachary got to go without his plastic cover after dinner.  It is the cutest thing ever to see my kiddos running around in their underwear!  Of course if this continues several years from now it will not be as cute.  Zachary was such the big boy today.  He was dry after nap, went potty and then by the time I had everyone else done he came back and went more!  He just walled in the bathroom door dropped his undies, lifted the potty seat lid and had at it!  What a pro!

Of course I had to take some pictures and I am not sure what it is about kids in their underwear and being silly.


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  1. Cheryl

    Horray Matthew and Zachary. Great job guys. They all look so big in their bid kid undies. Love the pics. Elizabeth and Cameron keep up the good work. Love to all of you.


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